Sunday, February 25, 2018

Yes-Anding, Ill-Conceived Crafts, Cold Monster

This week’s post is going to be of the short and shallow variety. It’s one of those weeks where I just don’t have much going on other than work and struggling through a cacophonous, lurching, incessantly nose-dripping cold. As a result, I’ve stayed holed up indoors this weekend with cups of hot fluids, marauding my way through Skyrim and working on my punch-rug hand bag. Re: Skyrim, I’ve given up any pretense of being morally good and have gone full “yes and” on it: What’s that, shadowy demon who lurks in the basement of an abandon house in Markarth? You’d like me to lure an innocent priest to you for sacrifice so you can steal his soul? Why, certainly! Right away, sir! And you, young man who needs vengeance--of course I’ll go burn down your enemy’s honey farm for a few gold! And you there, nice lady with the pretty gown—I don’t know you, but it seems entirely reasonable for you to ask me to assassinate your ex-business partner. I’m sure whatever he did was just terrible.

Plus, I’m stealing with impunity and I don’t even care anymore. Upon being chased down by guards in some little burg after a dragon fight, I found myself growling at them, “Ah, shut up. I just slayed a dragon and devoured its soul. I’m taking the damn cheese wheel.” Oh, and congratulations are in order--I got Skyrim-married to a mage named Mercurio! He’s a bit mouthy, but he casts a mean lightning bolt.

Come to think of it, it’s a good thing I’m going back to work tomorrow.

In between sneezing fits, I’ve also been working on this probably ill-conceived idea to make a punch-rug hand bag. I have naught but the vaguest idea how to do this, but that detail is not stopping me. This is what I have so far:

 The whole reason I started this is because I found some really gorgeous punch-rug bags through a Google image search, and I got unduly excited and, as usual, unduly overconfident in my crafting skill level. I don’t know how to line the bag or put handles on it or close it up properly—you know, those subtle little touches that make a bag functional. I’ll keep you updated on the progress. In the meantime, I’m off to go sneeze myself into oblivion. Here’s a video of The Celtic Women performing an orchestral piece from the Skyrim soundtrack. The game has its goofy moments, but the music is phenomenal. 

--Kristen McHenry 

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