Thursday, April 1, 2010

Serpent Life

It's Day One of Read Write Poems' National Poetry Writing Month Challenge! You can check out today's challenge here.

This is my--rather short-- attempt. (It's been a long day, and I 'taint got much in me, folks).

Serpent Life

To save your serpent, weave
an accidental memory
in the case of death.
Release it like a flock
of 1,000 sparrows, brilliant
as a carnival. Your memory
will drown itself in sunrise. All veils
will follow after it.
The snake will swallow
day, and day will die
in its belly, and you
shall bear witness, and you
shall exist
in the memory
of snake and sunrise,
sparrow and loom, carnival
and sacred veil.

--Kristen McHenry


Eluvium: An Accidental Memory in the Case of DeathEgo Likeness: Carnival, Weave, Save Your Serpent, Flock of 1,000 Sparrows


Wayne Pitchko said...

#1 nicely done Kristen

lucychili said...

I like the surreal imagery.
Interesting prompt, very diverse responses.
All the best for April

Robin Turner said...

Wow - love how you used serpent and sparrow.

Dana said...

Hi, this is great.

Anonymous said...

Peachy! (Are we tired of the usual superlatives yet?)