Sunday, December 21, 2008

Distraction Attraction

Today I meant to write, but I allowed myself to get distracted by one thing after another...just life, really. Making a pot roast. Working out. Doing dishes. Trying to get this blog in order, which took a lot longer than I expected. But my main problem was not really the oppressive force of life's demands while I sat around snowed in and unable to do anything, but the fact that I felt uninspired; dulled, numbed by the snow and by being housebound. Everything slushed together into a gray, muddled mush, and I couldn't find the "click"--that little flash of excitement about a moment, or a phrase that comes from nowhere and rings in my ears until I write it down, or a wisp of an idea, fragile but insistent, buzzing around me, demanding my attention until I sit and write. There's still time, of course. The evening is young(ish). I have many thoughts about hair. And I'm scared of writing about hair. Hair is a loaded subject for me. So I would rather make pot roast or hunt around for my old hiking boots or spend twenty minutes wondering what I did with that black knit hat I used to have.

More often now, there are days when I'm able to sit down and produce, to work with intense concentration, to be completely involved in the process of writing, and get the job done. But, today doesn't seem to be one of them.

Tell us about your distractions. Tell us the best advice you've ever received about how to deal with them.

Or, tell us what you're afraid to write about.


Dana said...

Yay, I can comment now! Hi.

I am not really afraid to write about anything. Perhaps that's my problem.

The Good Typist said...

Nothing at all? That's impressive! I have a long list of things. It doesn't ultimately stop me from writing about them, but it does it does cause me to do a lot unnecessary, random re-arranging of the household objects as I delay the process.

Ex Libris Laura said...

I can apppreciate your honesty. How does one find their own creative road? Whether it be painting or singing, or in your case (currently) writing? What suggest you for folks who are in that constant discraction-like feel, where nothing creative seems to come out at all? Is that bad? Perhaps I assume everyone should be "creative." Perhaps I should just keep my friends close. They are ALL creative! I suppose I rambled about the origins of creativity for the non creative soul, instead of talking about your non-creative moments of discraction which in turn made me create this blog entry... so does that mean that.... hehehe.

Ex Libris Laura said...

P.S. Sandy Senior says "Hi" and "nice blogging."

Anonymous said...

Laura, all souls are creative. Including yours. It is not possible to be uncreative. It is possible to get bogged down in fear and self-doubt and all that other gummy stuff. We have too much baggage and ridiculousness built up up in this society about "creative types." Everyone is a creative type. If we all knew that, maybe the some of the seething resentment about artists would go away.

I know who you are, and you are lovely and beautiful and full of infinite creativity. Why don't you write a bit about your lovely blonde hair? You know it rocks, girl!

Dana said...

Random re-arranging of the household objects can lead to great breakthroughs in interior design. :)