Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fashion Week, Rug Punch Redux, I Talked to a Nice Lady, Dalai Lama Dilemma

Although I do love watching Project Runway when I catch it on TV, most of you will find it shocking that I don’t follow fashion trends. I know, I know-- for someone on the bleeding edge of all things sartorial, you would think I’d be glued to the set during Fashion Week, but I’m not. Except I read a piece on Jezebel this week about London Fashion Week, and some of the videos absolutely captivated me. I’ve posted videos of two shows below that I thought were artful, original, and all-around breathtaking. I always wished I could be someone who was good at designing clothes, but I’m not. Fabric and I just don’t get along. I’ve never had a knack for it, and I find the whole sewing thing utterly intimidating, so I’m doomed to be nothing more than a professional appreciater when it comes to beautiful clothes. (And I cut my finger literally to the bone in junior high trying to make a felt locker organizer, which permanently put me off doing anything with a needle and thread.) But I do appreciate a well-thought-out, artfully executed show—something I am good at pulling off—so I really loved these two vids. Also, the first one was the most diverse in terms of race and body type. It’s nice to see someone on the runway besides a tall, skinny white chick.

I talked to a nice advice lady on the phone this week. She said, among other wise things, that I shouldn’t worry about not having a writing project right now; that I am “in the void” since finishing my novel, and the void is powerful, and I that should plant seeds now, and that a new passion project will emerge soon. But also, because I am creative, I should do something else creative. Like sketch, or craft, or something. So I picked up my rug project again, and worked on it more today than I have in over a year. I was super-excited about the amount of progress I made, and so optimistic about completing it that I went to Joanne’s and bought a new round-thingy-you-stretch-the-fabric-on, and some transfer patterns with owls and Merlot wine bottles and such. I am really fed up with the earth tones I’ve been using for the rug I’ve been working on. I’m ready for some purples, some blues, and some bright aqua! She also gave me some other advice that was helpful. If you want the nice advice lady’s contact information, leave a message in the comments session, and I will send it to you.

I had a little bit of a moral dilemma this week regarding the Dalai Lama and his bizarre comments about women. From The Guardian: “Gender equality campaigners have criticized the Dalai Lama for his suggestion that any potential female successor to his role “must be very, very, attractive”. In an interview, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists said there was no reason why a future Dalai Lama could not be a woman – but she would have to be good looking otherwise she would be “not much use”. After puzzling over this for a bit, I told Mr. Typist that I was just going to give the man a pass on this one. I mean, maybe he’s lonely, and he just wants to spend some quality time with a pretty lady, and he’s getting that all mixed up with other things. But after furrowing my brow on this a bit longer, I decided that was a bullshit comment, and the Dalai Lama needs to be called out on it, even though he is a male in his 80’s. I mean, seriously. I don’t know what he was he thinking, but that is just a crap thing to say, and someone needs to educate him on his blind spot. Sorry, but I am no longer giving anyone a pass just because they are deemed “spiritual” and “chosen.” Eff that. Also from The Guardian: Nicole Rowe, spokeswoman for Progressive Women, a charity that seeks to empower women in their professional and personal lives, said: “While we’re pleased to hear the Dalai Lama is in favor of the possibility of a female Dalai Lama, we’re surprised and greatly disappointed that a man of such compassion and wisdom could express such a retrograde opinion.” Uh-huh. My thoughts exactly.

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Frank Moraes said...

I have nothing to say about fashion, other than that I am still wearing exactly the same clothes I wore two weeks ago.

But I have been trying to get all the stuff together to send to you about the play. As usual, everything is a mess and basically nothing is on a computer. But I'll try to get something to you within a week. Check your email soon for a quick rundown to see if you are interested.