Friday, August 24, 2012

Only Trying to Help

I know that a rare piece of art has been ruined. I know that many are shocked, outraged, and offended. I know that I’m a bad person for chortling my ass off at this:

Restoration, before and after

But the thing is, I really feel for this woman. In fact, I believe that we are twin souls. Having created numerous painting disasters in my short-lived and ill-advised stint as a visual artist, I understand completely what was going on in her head during this “restoration.” I have had many such moments myself, where I earnestly try to “fix” something in one of my paintings, and end up cocking it up utterly. Then I panic, re-double my efforts, and make everything even worse. Believe me, I know the sick dread and desperation she must have felt, layering on correction after correction until finally, Jesus has a wrap-around afro-beard and the face of a Gibbon monkey.  I think this woman deserves compassion and clemency. She was only trying to make a fading thing bright and beautiful again. As many with things that have terrible outcomes, the intent came from a place of love and good intent. And who can blame her for that? 

--Kristen McHenry


Jo-Ann said...

What I admire about this woman is that she did not play into the passive elder stereotype that we expect seniors to fall into. She got tired of waiting, tired of what was probably endless committee meetings and took care of things herself. At least this way action will finally happen ... (proper) restoration a possibility in her lifetime.

Dick said...

I'm with you all the way here, Kristen. Nicely defended!