Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beauty Breathes, Day Five: What a Peach!

Beauty Breathes, Day Five: What a Peach!

I'm pulling myself together for a very early wake-up tomorrow—I will be heading to the state womens prison to help with a health education program I participate in every year, and that I love being a part of-- but super-early wake-ups are always very stressful for me because of my sleep issue and my natural night-owl tendencies. So this will be blessedly short.

It was another sort of ADD, scattered, tons-of-little-things-to-attend to sort of day, and I didn't have a chance to slow down until Mr. Typist informed me that I needed to come home because we were going out to dinner at To Remain Unnamed Restaurant, because he had heard through one of his rich and varied sources (the lady at the coffee shop) that said TRUR would be closing any day now.

We had a tasty dinner and the service was, ironically, the most friendly and attentive it's ever been there. At the end of it, our waitress dropped by to ask us if we wanted desert. Then she immediately launched into a rapturous and richly detailed description of her favorite desert—something to do with peaches, granola, ice cream and caramel, and a specific a layering thereof, clearly scientifically designed to create the world's greatest party in your mouth. “I have it, like, every night, which is terrible”, she faux-lamented, causing me to puzzledly observe her perfect, teensy waist and paper-flat stomach, “But it is so good!” We passed on desert, but when she left our table, both of us agreed that she either truly, passionately loved that peach dish, or she was an amazing actress who needed to get hired for a major motion picture immediately. I don't even like peaches, or dessert for that matter, and I was very tempted to order it just because of how excited she was by it. It makes me happy to think of her eagerly looking forward to that goopy, crunchy treat after a long night on her feet.

Note: Please don't neglect to check out my friend Dana's Compassion Project on My Gorgeous Somewhere, which was the inspiration for my ramblings.

--Kristen McHenry


Dana said...

You are not rambling. I love what you are writing. And hi.

Frank Moraes said...

I once tried to have dinner at To Remain Unnamed Restaurant, but I wouldn't tell them what I wanted until they told me their name. A stand-off ensued. The SWAT team arrived. It was very stressful. I'm glad they're folding.

I have been meaning to check out the Compassion Project for two reasons. First, it is an issue that is very close to my soul these last years. Second, some of Dana's comments make me think she's totally wacked—which is always a good thing coming from me. However, I fear yet another distraction from the main focus of my life: avoiding all paying (and potentially-paying) work. I'm sure I will make it there soon.

But on to breathing beautifully (or chewing languidly—sorry, I could not make it alliterate). This morning, I read much of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine for the second time. It made me so angry and sad—just like before. (I discuss it briefly on my site.)

After a couple of hours of this, I knew I had to do something to head off a very bad day. So I put on one of my favorite films: My Best Friend. It isn't a great film, but it is one that I seem to like to watch over and over—like a child.

I very much identify with both of the not completely likable main characters. And the friendship that they form—as beautiful a thing as I have seen—gives me hope for us all. And hope is also beautiful.

I've written an essay about this film that will eventually get out of my notebook and onto my site, there is much more to say, but I am tired and it's kind of complicated—my thoughts, not the movie which really is a must-see.