Sunday, February 8, 2009

Riots Not Diets!

This weeks' Read Write Poem Prompt was all about slogans. I picked "Riots, Not Diets."


What they all said would happen finally did
on the day Ms. Morry let herself go.
She whirled down to breakfast in her robe--
trim Ms. Morry who had always forbid
herself sweets, either corn-based or dough,
devoured a sticky roll the size of a globe

and washed it down with a champagne toast,
then made the most shocking announcement:
From now on, she would no longer diet,
keep tight the taut, and stay flat as a ghost.
she'd stop weigh-ins and state her renouncement
of restraint and restriction, and riot

loud in the streets; her corpulent belly
breaching the top her Brooks Brothers slacks.
she would refuse to be miserably wed
to the gym; for her true love was jelly.
She'd eat out straight out of bags salt-laden snacks,
and move only for cake and well-buttered bread.

She would finally, truly let herself go!
With that she went waddling across the lawn,
her flesh surging due to lack of purging.
When last seen, Ms. Morry had a fresh glow
and a tattoo of a beautiful swan--
its smile and her lush stomach merging.

--Kristen McHenry


Leatherdykeuk said...

Oh fabulous!
You wrote a poem about me :)

I love the rhythm and the exuberance in this.

James said...

This is really cool. I love the sense of freedom. Ms. Morry's liberation is a wonder to behold.