Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Offer

The offer 
lolls in her inbox, the 
payout licked 
with lime green highlight.
What they’ll give her 
to just go quietly is fair enough.
She’s read “The Four Agreements”, 
“Secrets of Successful Women” and 
“Keys to Peak Performance”. 
She’s done with all this anyway, long  
gave up on “Refueling Career Passion”
and “Motivation from Within”. Knows
her Meyer-Briggs, her season, the color
of her parachute.
But her body 
is job-shaped, mutated
to the demands of the years.
Fired in the kiln of the office,
she jokes. I’m a ceramic, 
not a woman. She doesn’t add 
that the phrase “doubled over with a terrible sadness
echoes in her ribs 
with disturbing frequency. She’s read 
“How to Get out of Your Own 
Way and Achieve Your Dreams.”

Kristen McHenry

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