Friday, September 30, 2011

Released Today--My Book!

Today marks the official release of my chapbook, "Triplicity: Poems in Threes". Fun with clicks below!

On Amazon:

At Indigo Ink Press:




Dale said...


Risa Denenberg said...

I have my copy!

Kristen McHenry said...

Thank for buying the book, Risa! That's awesome. Probably our first sale :)

Frank Moraes said...

I know this is very exciting, but my mind is more focused on why I have not received my copy! I'm stuck for anything to write about today. I've watched 5 different performances of Samuel Beckett's Come and Go on YouTube, thinking there would be something there. (There isn't.) Do you know how painful most of these performances are to watch? For want of a chapbook, the whole of western civilization could be destroyed! I hope you're proud of yourself...

Forgive me, yesterday I published "baring" when I meant "bearing." You know how upsetting that can be.