Monday, June 27, 2011

The Rites of Spring

The Rites of Spring

I sponsor a woman in Bosnia through Women for Women International. Today, I received a letter from her with a pale yellow and purple pressed flower attached to the page. The letter read:

“We are cleaning gardens and preparing ourselves for seeding. This flower is for you, this flower is the first sign that Spring came.”

Lately, after a long period of darkness and lost-ness and pain, synchronicity has been exploding in my life. I feel more alive and open-hearted than I have in over a year. I am being showered with so many spiritual riches right now that I can hardly believe this is my life. Having this flower arrive in the mail when I am a few short weeks from starting a new position in my chosen profession was amazing, and fills me with both grateful tears and a sort of deep spiritual humility. I feel like I am finally, finally, returning to myself, to my Source of joy and flow and open-heartedness.

And I am absorbing some very important lessons about faith. They do not feel like hard lessons, they feel like smiling lessons, like gentle and laughing lessons, but no less painful for their gentleness. I see how much my anxiety and fear and the need to control and the anticipation of failure exhaust my energy. I was recently told by a spiritual guide of mine that I have difficulty respecting divine timing, and he was absolutely right. I am so certain that there will be disaster and suffering and loss in my life, that I actively strive to create it for myself, to work against my innate sense of intuition, when I should be saving that energy and channeling it into the full expectation of love and peace and abundance.

This is not an easy thing for anyone, I think, but I feel like after how amazing these last few days have been, I owe it to the Universe to at least try to loosen up a little bit, and finally, simply, and with the enormous difficulty and courage it takes—trust.

--Kristen McHenry

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Isabel Doyle said...

best wishes - hope the Universe continues to shower you with buds and petals