Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The Jehova's Witness folks just stopped by to check in on my soul. It's nice to know they're looking out for me--and I don't mean that sarcastically. I genuinely enjoy our little chats. There are so few earnest people in the world anymore.


The shimmering ones
alight on my doorstep. They have come
with their kindness
and their satchel of mysteries
to tell me the story of lawns:

After the earth has turned
three times in the mouth of fire and dust, God
will shake out the grime
and roll it out anew,
a vibrant carpet for the righteous
and their children to bask upon.
All will be nubby and new as skin,
fresh-minted, so crazy green, a grand
do-over for the earth--
our planet,
returned to us pristine as paper--
and us, set down gently upon it
with His own hands.

And it is good--
the miracle of the sick waters rinsed,
the dew clear, the air thick
with purity.

We, too
have been turned
in the mouth of fire.
We, too
have been this pure.

--Kristen McHenry

Image: http://artisttonigrote.blogspot.com/


Robin said...

I love this, Kristen.

Nancy Harris said...

Kristen, Thanks for the wonderful image of spiritual renewal.

Anne Harrington said...

Beautiful Kristin. Even smells fresh