Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poems about Poems: The First in a Series

I'm going to do that obnoxious poet thing and start writing lot of poems about poems. Here's the first!

Who wants to read my poem
about the struggle
of the poet to write poems?
Who would like to commiserate?
Who would like to say
oh that sounds just awful,
but you're very talented you know,
I'm sure you'll come up with something brilliant quite soon.
Who will send me a bouquet of scarlet pansies
with a little card to wish me
well in the way of words?
Who will leave chocolates in my mailbox, a yellow
beach ball in my driveway? Who will tell me jokes,
and call me afternoons to ask me:
How goes it with the dearth of words?
Would you like take a walk along the pier? Or share
perhaps a bowl of onion soup and warm French bread?

Who will lend me their feather boa, and suggest
sage-scented candles to open up my chakras?
And who would like to give me tangerines?
I'll accept compelling tales as well; your latest
horrid breakup or breakdown--anything will do
just as long as I can use it as my own.
Please leave any offerings within easy reach.
I will gather them with idle hands, I will
collect them all.

--Kristen McHenry


Drake Sigar said...

I'm just glad it's not about love. Anything but that!

The Good Typist said...

Oh, come on! Poets love love. ;) I just don't happen to write many love poems myself. In fact, I think I have only one, it was to Spock.

Drake Sigar said...

It's just that poetry and love have gotten to the point where they seem to be synonymous with each other. There are plenty of other subjects to choose.

If you mention nibbling Spock's ears, I am so outta here. :P