Sunday, June 27, 2010

Morning Poem #2

So, I missed a couple of days...(this is why I don't do "morning pages"--I am Not a Morning Person. Sometimes just downing a cup of coffee and putting my clothes on right-side-out is all I can muster). But I woke up a bit earlier this morning, and I'm back on track!

morning poem #2

O for a summer slow in coming
just a nub
of sky, not yet a grand
opening, for I
am unprepared for Spectacle,
its delirious demands.

For I
have made myself
into Refusal.
I have foregone
all natural hungers, I have said
no and no and no again.
The same goes

for all this bursting open,
the too muchness
of growth in these fecund days.

I will have
my private winter.
I will have the shelter
of my own cold limbs.

--Kristen McHenry

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nicepoethere said...

The poetry you're writing here on your blog is all quite exquisite. So are you blog entries and postings. I particularly enjoyed reading your comments about passion. Well done! An excellent blog you are running here. You take it take viral and give the world the benefit of your cogent musings, my dear. :)