Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Poem Seed: Faith and Doubt

Is seeing believing?

Write a poem about faith or skepticism. Make a case for either one you choose, or--write two, and make a case for both. Today I can't quite eek out enough optimism to write about faith, but I'll add that one later if I feel so moved.
I look forward to reading your poem!

Skeptic's Prayer

Blessed are those
who stomp through the world
with narrowed eyes, demanding proof,
the hearts of our prayers with
mean bright scalpels:
those doubting
Thomases who plunge
their hands into wounds
feeling for evidence;
who insist
they must examine it all
engorged under lenses,
always looking
for the errant thread,
the molecule of blood,
the crust of a thumbnail,
whatever infinitesimal
speck of us we can clone
to give birth
to the true story.

There should be no believing without seeing.


Dick said...

Although I might fall within the penumbra of its judgement, I really enjoyed this castigation of the doubters. Fierce, even angry, but controlled and focussed.

The Good Typist said...

Thanks for the feedback, Dick! I'm fascinated that you read it as a castigation of doubters; it was actually totally sympathetic to them. Maybe this one needs a little more tinkering with to communicate that better...or maybe I'll just leave it be and let confusion reign. :)