Saturday, April 30, 2016

Buddy Ban, “Wolfpine Glen” Goes Live!

Buddy has been permanently banned from the deck for being a jerk and constantly climbing into the tree next to our bedroom window. Mr. Typist spent all day one afternoon this week diligently putting up a mesh screen to prevent Buddy from jumping into the tree, and within mere minutes, Buddy found a work-around: He simply leaped onto the railing and dove into the tree, completely bypassing the mesh screen. Oh, the cries of woe and injustice we are now subject to from Buddy. Oh, the high-pitched whines and the wailing and the rending of flesh and rolling about of his little cat body. Oh, the deprivation and pain it has caused him to no longer be allowed on the deck. I have never witnessed such drama in my life. Right now, fortunately, he has exhausted himself with his temper fits and is fast asleep in Mr. Typist’s laundry basket. Thank God. I can’t take any more of his theatrics. I wish I had a big farm he could run around on, but unfortunately for him, I’m not a farm person. He’s stuck here in this little apartment, and must now make do with pressing himself against the window screen to get his outdoor ya-ya’s on. If he wasn’t so pig-headed about jumping into the tree, he could have deck privileges again, but since he can’t control himself, he’s out of luck. God almighty, why on earth did we get yet another cat? I think I have toxoplasmosis.

In writing news, I have put up the first installment in the “Wolfpine Glen” series! Please let me know what you think and if you want to see more.

--Kristen McHenry 

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