Sunday, December 8, 2013

Oh, Corporate America: Post Outsourcing and Icky Bugs

Today I am outsourcing my blog post because I am sick, and by turns freezing and sweaty and my muscles feel like I’ve run a triathlon even though I’ve just been lying around with Kleenex, and my ears ache and my throat is raw. It’s taken me almost 20 minutes to write this paragraph.

In the spirit of my upcoming book launch, here are some good articles on work, one by friend and blogger Frank Moraes, and one Jessica Olien of Slate. Enjoy! I’ll be back with a proper post soon.

 --Kristen McHenry

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Jo-Ann said...

Excellent article: Inside the Box, especially her definition of creativity:

"Most people agree that what distinguishes those who become famously creative is their resilience. While creativity at times is very rewarding, it is not about happiness. Staw says a successful creative person is someone 'who can survive conformity pressures and be impervious to social pressure.'”

Rest and get better, Ms Typist, we need your creativity alive and well.