Monday, June 24, 2013

Figurin' Out My Steez

Right now as I'm going through a bit of transition with writing and life and bloggery, I'm figuring out my steez and doing a bit of thinking about how I want to maintain/sustain/possibly re-imagine the The Good Typist blog. Since I first started this blog some seven or so years ago, (good Lord, how time just...goes), to date I have 35,946 page views! As the blog approaches its forty-thousandth page view, I think it's time for a little creative thinking about a possible makeover, or a perhaps re-purposing. I'll still blog regularly, at least weekly, but I think its time to reassess my original, dimly considered intent--in other words, to try to be more intentional about how I'm using this space. Or maybe not. I had a friend once who had quite a lot of blog angst all of the time, and I don't want to be "that" blogger. I am not having blog angst, exactly, but I do put hours of work every week into even the silliest of posts, and sometimes I feel like I'm writing into an echo chamber. Checking the stats gives me only a vague idea of who's reading and why, and with my time being more and more precious these days, I want to make sure that I'm 1. Having fun with it, and 2. That whoever finds their way to this dusty little corner of the internet is finding some value in what they're reading. 

No one has time to read much anymore. I want make sure that I'm creating something meaningful, not just adding to the ever-increasing din of the online world. Perhaps I will continue on as I have been, going about my merry way writing about whatever happens to strike me in a given week. Perhaps I will use this blog solely as a means to publish my fiction and poetry experiments. Or perhaps I'll do some sort of full-on blog makeover, complete with a shiny new lipstick and rockin' 'do. Who knows? Whatever I decide, I will be back in some, perhaps better form very soon. 

Thanks as always for reading.

--Kristen McHenry

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