Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Heart Volunteers!

I Heart Volunteers!

I was recently accepted as a content writer for Suite 101, which is for all practical purposes an unpaid writing gig; but a great way to obtain a forum for writing about your passion, be it container gardening, model train sets, or...volunteerism! Besides poetry, mine is volunteering. This winter, after a year of hard work, study, test-taking, and the submission of a professional portfolio, I earned my CVA (Certified Volunteer Administrator) credential, something I feel a lot of pride in. It was a really good program. You never really know until you're deep into these things how practical or useful this sort of program is going to be in the real world; especially in the much-misunderstood field of volunteer management, but it was amazing. I can wholeheartedly endorse it as extremely practical, hands-on, and immediately useful in the profession. I feel a lot more confident and sure of myself now, even after eight years in the field. Being so inspired, I wrote a few articles for Suite 101 on volunteering, and will have more coming soon. Check them out if you want to find a great volunteer gig--and get the most out of it!



--Kristen McHenry


Jo-Ann said...

Hi Kristen, I dont think I congratualted you yet on your CVA. Well done! I read your articles and especially like the "how to maximize your experience" one. I have volunteered in many places over the years and have not always felt valued or that I had the right to ask questions. Ever thought of consulting to agencies who work with volunteers?

rallentanda said...

You are invited to participate in POW which starts next Wednesday. Hope you can make a visit.