Monday, June 14, 2010

Adultery! Debauchery! Sex! Betrayal! Alcoholism! Death!

Last summer I went temporarily insane and wrote a long story poem about the Selkie myth... A long, metrically correct, rhyming story poem...about the Selkie myth. I know that sounds fist-gnawingly dull, but give it a chance! You'll laugh, you'll cry...or at the very least, shake your head and wonder what sort an idiot writes things like this in this day and age:

The Skin Stealer

Soon, there will be awesome paintings to go with it, by my uber-talened friend Quata.

--Kristen McHenry

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Jo-Ann Svensson said...

Thank you for this poem, Kristen. Beautiful, poignant; compelling. I love how you put it alongside your essay on hunger. We cannot ignore that deep seated hunger of spirit, can we? However she manifests, she will find a way to speak.

thank you again, Jo-Ann

Speaking of hunger... I just finished book IIIV in Ovid's Metamorphosis "Erysichthon and his Daughter"... as in your poem, the hunger of spirit cannot be denied.