Saturday, August 1, 2009

"The Goatfish Alphabet" makes the Short, Short List!

I'm not even going to try to remain diginified and cool. I must say it: I am dizzy with surprise and teh happy! My unpublished chapbook, "The Goatfish Alphabet" was one of two runners-up in qarrtsiluni's first annual chapbook competition!

I got a very kind blurb from author Dinty Moore, and starting in September, quarrtsiluni will publish selected poems from the book. I'm completely flabbergasted, and really excited that the book got such positive attention! It's a true honor.

Congratulations to the winner, Pamela Johnson Parker, for her book "A Walk Through the Memory Palace", and the other runner-up Paper Covers Rock, by Chella Courington. I'll be recieving a free copy of Pamela's book, and I can't wait to read it--it sounds amazing.

Here's what Dinty had to say about "The Goatfish Alphabet":

“All manner of creatures combine in exuberant lines full of foxfire and jellyfish, rock-teeth and tongue-muzzle, Miss America, St. Clare of Assisi, and our frailest secrets disclosed. These are lovely poems.”

"Goatfish" is still searching for a publisher, but it's out a few other competitions, so this gives me hope that it will get picked up somewhere else soon. Wee!!


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Dave said...

The Goatfish Alphabet is a stunning collection and definitely deserves to be published. What a pity that we can only publish one chapbook this year! Best of luck with the other contests.

(By the way, I wouldn't bring it up if this blog weren't titled "The Good Typist," but, um, check the spelling of your link to qarrtsiluni.)

The Good Typist said...

Oops! My apologies, Dave. I will fix that. I'm a notoriously bad typist, so the blog title is sort of a joke. One that is probably only funny to me :)