Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sybil's Garage

Sybil's Garage Number #6 is out! I can't say enough good things about this mag. I ordered two samples copies of it a few months ago, and I read each one back to back non-stop, and have been waiting eagerly for the next one to come out. I absolutely love it! It's one of the most original and intriguing literary magazines I've ever read. One of my favorite stories was one about a girl who gets permanently lost in a gigantic grocery store, which is one of my secret, irrational fears. Check it out; it's well worth the eight bucks. And my poem, "Museum" made it into this issue--hooray!

The editor, Matt Kressel, is great to work with. If you have any unusual, hard-t0-classify fiction or poetry lying around, you might want to consider sending it in.

Sybil's Garage Number #6

Recent Review:

"Sybil's Garage.... is an alienating thing—a saturation tank of isolation and the sublime. Like its first three predecessors, Issue 4 aligns the quietly bizarre and the slightly uncanny with nineteenth-century design. That’s not to say that Sybil’s Garage is easily classifiable, either in form or content. Victorian woodcuts share page space with postmodern silhouettes and modernist sketches. Fragments of polyglottal marginalia pepper Sybil’s pages—appearing everywhere like cryptic typesetter’s notes. From the first glimpse of the Bladerunneresque cover to the final, stunning woodcut, this issue is its own work of slipstream art."
- Behind the Wainscot, Darin Bradley


Donald R. Anderson said...

Sounds unique and interesting.

Emily said...

This looks like an interesting little magazine.

And I have to tell you, I also fear getting lost in the grocery store.

Great blog!

The Good Typist said...

Are you THE Emily from PV? Hi!! *waves*. Thanks for stopping by. I need to update this thing a little more often.

Emily said...

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not sure what PV is, so I guess I'm not THE Emily :( A good poet friend of mine started following your blog on facebook and I just followed the link to check it out.

The Good Typist said...

Oh, I'm not disappointed! I bet you're just as good at that other Emily, maybe even better ;) Thanks again for checking out my blog, and I will try to be better about updates...PV is Project Verse, which is taking up every waking hour that I'm not at work, hence, sparse blog updates.