Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've Never Done this Before, But...

I'm raising money for a cause! This is a first for me...I feel really shy and awkward about it, (which is probably why I never became a professional fundraiser). But, I love this group of people, and I want to see their organization succeed.

Once a week, I teach poetry at New Horizons, a drop-in center for homeless teens. The kids are amazing, and NH does a lot more than just serve meals and provide showers. They're working hard to get kids in really difficult situations off of the streets. They're a kind, loving, non-judgmental bunch doing tough work in a tough climate. They're raising funds right now to open a coffee shop so the kids can earn some money and get work experience. I'd love to help them out. If you have time, check out my page, read all about them, and if you think it's a good cause and have a few extra dollars to give, (I'm talking like, five or ten bucks), it's quick and easy to donate. No pressure; just if you want to. (Hmmm...selling time-shares probably isn't a good career option for me, either).


Thank you!

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